AIDASTYLE: Andrea Sevaldová

Andrea is not just a typical fashion designer. She studied Law at Comenius University in Bratislava, and her creativity and talent wasobvious froma young age; she used to draw, paint and sculpt. When she was 16 years old, she was taught how to use a sewing maschine. She started to modify her own clothes and later on, sew new clothing. The first idea to develop her own designs was started in 1999 when she began to create more difficult and daring outfits. After some time she initiated her own brand and from 2010 she works under the label Aidastyle.

She attends lots offashion markets and as the years passed, she has developed her own network of customers from across the world.

Now, she is dedicated to graphics, styling, interior design, and of course, fashion.

She finds inspiration in everyday routines; in nature or in the people she meets. She likes to try new colour combinations and often plays around in Photoshop. When she‘s creating new designs she follows the motto: „Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.“



Clothing for young, lively people who like to be different and enjoy colorful and outrageous designs. Each of the pieces carries its own idea and has to be really comfortable to wear. The brand itself isfor individuals who love to be originial, but in a way that istasteful and stylish, yet eye-catching. The clothes are made with passion, joy and hearth, with feelings of honest hand made work. This brand has a wide range of garments; starting with leggings, t-shirts, sweatshirts all the way to swimwear. Generation Nothingness is thrilled to present this limited edition of leggings and dresses, which were exclusively designed for our online shop.

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